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Cecelia Ann "San" Cousar (Hodge) - Class Of 1975

"San"  died on October 13, 2006 at Clarendon Memorial Hospital in Manning.  She was a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Business.  "San" was office manager of Clarendon Insurance Agency.  She was a member of St. Annes Catholic Church in Sumter, SC.


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11/27/12 10:03 PM #1    

Wendell Prescott (1981)

"San" was such a sweet person!  She was loved by all!

12/04/12 06:52 PM #2    

Beth McElveen (Coker) (1975)

I always loved being around San.  She was such a joy.  

01/04/13 09:09 PM #3    

Laurie Korn (Blackmon) (1974)

This is one of those times when there aren't enough words....San was one of my very best friends in the entire world. One memory that I would like to share is the day we made a trip down to Santee. Coming home, San was tired, so I drove her car. We just about made it to Gable & got stopped in a license check. You should have seen me and San panicking & trying to switch seats ever mindful of the cops just ahead. We thought it was "mission accomplished" until it was "our" turn & the police officer looked at us and said "I wouldn't try that again if I was you girls". He let us go w/o a ticket &, needless to say, we were extremely relieved!!! SO many memories w/San. The last one she left me with was going to Heaven on my birthday. I turned 50 that day and it turned out to be one of the saddest of my life. When I got the call that San was gone, my world fell apart. I loved her and still love her with every ounce of my being. I would have given my life for her in a heartbeat and know that she would have done the same to me. SO very blessed to have known her & will never, ever forget her. I love you, San.

02/27/13 10:57 PM #4    

Chuck Dukes (1974)

San, oh my Lord.  Did we ever have some good times.  San was really my sister and nobody knew it.  We were always together.  When my parents wanted to find me they knew I was at San's house.  Moma Ceil  had taken me in and tried to keep an eye on us retards.  When San and Marie got a new car, I was elected by her FATHER to drive it home.  Yep, the Dodge DART.  Mr. Allen said Chuck drive the D car home and don't go over 50 mph.  We thought we were something else..  There are so many stories I could tell.  Even her grandmother, sweet Anna Mable C. Brailsford was a loving, sweet lady who always welcomed us youngins in, just to get a laugh or two.  How I miss the whole family.  Now Sister, Marie C. Gibbons carrys on the legacy of the Cousar family.  Now she can tell you some stuff too! 

The night San passed away, her husband called us around 2am and told me San was no longer with us.  I couldn't amagine life without her. We immediately drove to Manning. Sister Marie met us at the ER and took us back.  It was a tough pill to shallow, for I knew our dear friend was gone.

  Life is sure alot different now.  We use to carry San shopping in Columbia almost every other weekend, we went on vacations together in the summer, ate out, and if nothing else just hung arouind the house and looked at the hummingbirds gather in the backyard.  Yep ole people.  I will always Keep San near and dear in my heart for I long to see her again for I know she is in Heaven and that's my home.  I will always love you San.  Your Bro. Chuck

03/01/13 07:57 AM #5    

Sue Beth Garris (Ammons) (1974)

Oh my goodness!  Where do I start?  Who else would name a friend "Suey"?  Poopsie, Turd Winkle, SHA-Teeter, Suzeeeee?  We had the most wonderful times together.  Me, San, Chuck and Laurie! So wish I could go back in time and re-live our good times together.  San talked me into going skinny dipping in one of her ponds in the woods!  So glad no one saw us.  And the time I went home with my little Vega and Daddy said, "What corn field have you had that car in?"  San and I tried to tell him we had not been in a corn field.  Of course there were corn stalks hanging under my car.  Lol.  I love and miss you everyday my friend.  You always brought a smile or laugh to my face. Hugs and Kisses until we meet again.

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